Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Figurative Language

LI:To learn about Figurative Language.
This week for writing we looked at figurative language.There are five types of figurative language,

  • personification - giving human or animal abilities to objects.
  • alliteration - starting words with the same sound or letter.
  • idiom - a non literal description
  • simile - comparing using as or like.
  • metaphor.

Team motto

L.I: Is to make a motto for our team. This week we did an inquiry session. This weeks inquiry's session was all about making a motto for our team we worked together so we could make a motto but first we had to find other category's motto after that we made our own motto and our motto is, there is no I in a team.

self Monitoring

LI:To self monitor.
This week for reading we focused on  a strategy called self monitoring. Self monitoring mean when you understand that you don't understand a word or a sentence.I learned it by reading a book about  water I found word that i didn't know.

place value

LI:To learned the 1 for 10 and 10 for 1.
I learned to how to do 1 for 10 10 for 1. That means so if you had a 10 dollar note and the ice cream man only takes coins so one ten note 10 coins is is one ten dollar note.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Kiwi sport

LI:To Pitch,Field, and Bat.

This week for kiwi sport our teacher was Ash. We played a game similar to a real softball match we played scatter ball with some softball rules like if the batter bats the ball high and the fielder cached the ball in the air the batter is out.But still if if we batted we had to bat off the T next week people will pitch. The fielders had to ware gloves.


LI:To learn to partner numbers
For prodigy I am a level 54. In order to level up we have to win battles with creatures. On the way we can capture the creatures to make them your pets.My highest level of my pets is 15.When can hit the creatures by solving a maths equations then you can hit them.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


LI:To give feedback to someones blog post.
This week I commented on Farzana's blog post about there team logo.