Thursday, 14 December 2017


LI:To read better and faster

Today I read about puppets  there different types of puppets.The people that bring puppets to live are called puppeteer.There are hand puppets ,finger puppets , glove puppets,and there is  stick puppets.


LI:To type fast
I learned to type fast by putting my finger at the right place at the right time.I learned it by typing slow and as I am better I will type faster.

tables conga

LI:To learn my 7 time tables
I learned my 7 times tabla learned it by playing table conga.


LI:To comment on people

Toady I commented on Giovanni blog. 

Kiwi sport

LI : To have fun and learn new skills well at kiwi sport

On Thursday we went to kiwi sport first we played a warm up game witch was octopus it was fun and we had 2 games of it then we went to Kevin he told us it was a last day for the whole year he also said we will just be playing games the whole day but first before we played some games Kevin showed us a tick shot well not really he said it is just to add some fun and make you look cool! then when I had a few hour (8-9) I started making my own tick show then we played a really first it was individual I was doing well then Mr O came in a few games I got him out! then it was panthers then it  9:45 we had to go back to class but before we did we said bye and a thanks for coming to our school.

Daily news

LI:To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into the text

I learned to make a news reports about Sports,Entertainment,National,International,and Business .I learned it by going into a group of 5 and choosing a topic and writing a script. And fact on the slide. 

That's My money

LI: To manage finances and profit.

I learned to mange my finance by doing maths work about your knowledge or strategy.I learned it by making visual DLO or visual,Aural DLO or even a visual,Aural, and interactive.I normally do visual only it gives me $25.I have $79.40 right now.