Thursday, 22 June 2017

running the length

LI: to learn how to measure time.
LI: to identify the units of time in order from shortest to longest.

We learned how to measure time.We learned it by adding how many second and milliseconds it took each member of our group to run  the length of  the hall. We recorded how fast we ran  the length of the hall on a google spreadsheet.

Monday, 19 June 2017

setting description

L.I to interact and comprehend a range of narrative  text

I learned to illustrate what I have written. I learned by making a pargh about the giraffe the pelly and the monkey house.It all ways was not the the 3 animals house it use to be a grubber which is another name for sweet shop.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

narrative events

L.I to write  a narrative sequence of event

I first learned with my group what a complex sentence is a complex sentence is a simple sentence and then you add a coma then you say a little like what is going on. Once we had learned what a complex sentence is we had to add 2 complex sentences in our events.I Learned it by knowing what an event has in it.


Mum dived into the water to catch some fish It was easy for mum
because she was good and there was lots of fish in the ocean.
Mum caught some fish and put the
fish on the smooth surfaces then she saw baby in the air and
thought that baby jumped off on purpose but baby was blown
off the cliff .

Baby was not
aiming  for the jagged ice he was aiming for the water but
unlucky  he fell on the jagged ice then he fell unconscious.

Mum came out of the water and shouted at  the jagged ice,while

she was breaking the jagged ice.

compare and contrast

L.I: To identify the differences and the same between a piece of technology and a technological system.

we learn to compare a piece of technology to an technological system.we learned it by first learn what piece technology  and a technological

system is  then we had compere them.A piece of technology is a thing
that  that doesn't move without you moving it and technological
system is a thing that transform an output into a input

5 question for Billy

LI to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts
I learned to ask question to characters in a narrative texts.I learned it by asking billy 5 question. Billy is from the book named The

Giraffe  the pally and me   he is a boy who met 3 animals who were

the window cleaner that don't need leaders.

liquid volume

L.I to learn to measure  liquid volume

I learned how to measure a volume of a Liquid. You measure a volume of a liquid by using mL and then making it into a litre.First we learned what a mL is.1 mL is 1 cm3 . When we divided the mL by 1000  then we get the litre  of the any liquid object .In  the picture  there is the millilitre, the litre and the cm3 of a liquid objects like a coke can.

Sunday, 11 June 2017


L.I to define a piece of technology & to define  a technological system

I learned what is a  technological system and a piece of technology is.l learned it by reading a google doc about input output and transformation  then we knew what a technological system because the technological system when you put something in a technological system then it gets transformed into something. Then we sat on the mat and discussed as a class what a  is a piece of technology is and a piece of technology is a thing that doesn't move  without your hand moving it.